Windows Shell 1.3.0 Free Download

Shareware: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

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Management tools come and go within weeks and this makes it an extremely competitive department for people who are trying to make it in this field of software tools. The Windows Shell file management software beat the odds and places itself among the best of its kind.

When using this software tool on your computer system you will be able to rapidly organize your files without the need to install a third-party software tool. The Windows Shell software tool gives you additional tools when compared to the regular Windows Explorer.

This management system comes with an outstanding graphical user interface, thus making it simple to view all of your files and to place them wherever you wish. The Windows Shell software tool comes with two viewing panels, a ZIP archiving support system as well as several additional tools.

Windows Shell is excellent utility which improve your efficiency. You will value its colored interface and transparency. This shell has indeed gorgeous interface. Appearance of Windows Shell can be changed because the software has feature of schemes. There already are several of schemes and you can produce unlimited number of your schemes as well.

First menu is the menu 'Programs'. Is has section 'All Programs' which has all program from menu Start, Desktop and Quick Launch panel. A few menus contain section 'Favorites' which lets you to have favorite elements to facilitate,assist,help access to them.

Section 'Statistics' lets you to assess popularity of definite element. Sometimes menus, like 'Applications', picked frequently opened elements on top position. The more element is launched the higher position it has. That lets you to run program or file more rapidly. You can also switch between launched programs via hot keys in a moment. The menu 'Applications' exists to switch between launched applications. Frequently executed items are lifted on top of ohter.

Operating with the Internet give you more joy since your favorite pages are organized and are always at hand. We recommend you to group your bookmark. Menu 'Search' allows reffer go your query directly to Google, Wikipedia or Yahoo searches.

Operating with network and system utilities is much more useful. You can find menus 'Tray' and 'Help' to manage system tray icons and get to program help. Like the menu 'Application', in menu 'Tray' the most popular elements are on top of the list and less used on bottom of it. Filter lets you to choose an item without a mouse as well.

Windows Shell is distributed absolutely free. No trial terms, no registry keys, no authorisation requires. Installer is tested by CNET site so it guarantees the utility does not contain any malware or viruses. Download this shell absolutely free and enjoy it.

System Requirements:

CPU 1GHz, RAM 1 Gb

Windows Shell 1.3.0 Free Download screenshot